You can’t screw up Arduino’s new DIY electronics kit

A user plays a video game using a game controller assemble from the Arduino Plug and Make Kit.
Seven different Arduino-based devices can be built with the Plug and Make Kit kit. | Image: Arduino

Arduino’s new starter kit features electronic components that can be connected without having to know anything about soldering or wiring. It’s similar to LittleBits’ electronic building blocks that make it easy for kids to learn about electronics but targets an older audience of beginners who eventually aspire to do more with an Arduino.

The $87.36 Arduino Plug and Make Kit comes with an Arduino UNO R4 WiFi microcomputer featuring Bluetooth and its own built-in 12 x 8 LED matrix display, plus seven different Modulino components that can all be connected using cables that snap into one-way connector ports, ensuring nothing can be wired incorrectly.

Image: Arduino

The kit includes an Arduino microcomputer and seven…

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