WhatsApp is making it easier to identify and leave suspicious group chats

An example image showing the new context card that will be presented when users are added to a group chat on WhatsApp.
Image: Meta

Soon, when WhatsApp users are added to group chats by someone they don’t know, the group will display a “context card” with key information such as who created the group, when it was created, the group description, and if the user was added by someone in their WhatsApp contact list. The idea of the feature is to better protect users against spam or scam activity in group messages.

There’s also a button to allow users to quickly leave the group message, plus a link to additional information about WhatsApp’s safety tools.

Image: Meta

The new context card lets WhatsApp users quickly identify red flags when added to a group chat.

The new feature — which resembles the current experience when WhatsApp users are…

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