Amazon’s Echo Spot is back with better sound and no camera

Amazon Echo Spot smat speaker sitting on a table with cover art and title of a song “Electric Soul” playing via Amazon Music.
Echo Spot | Image: Amazon

Ahead of Prime Day 2024, Amazon has launched an updated version of its Alexa-connected smart speaker / alarm clock, the Echo Spot. Similar to the one that launched in 2017, it’s designed to sit on your nightstand and offer control via a small touchscreen or with voice commands, but Amazon has addressed our biggest gripe about that device by removing the camera.

It’s also launching at a lower price. While the 2017 version cost $149.99 at launch, the 2024 Echo Spot has a $79.99 regular price, and from now through Prime Day (July 16th–17th), it’s available for $44.99 for Amazon Prime members.

Image: Amazon

Amazon promises that the new semicircle has upgraded hardware all over, with “even better visuals and improved…

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