The Pixel Watch 2 can now detect when you’ve been in a car crash

Pixel Watch 2 on a nightstand
Car crash detection rolls out on the Pixel Watch 2 starting today. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Starting today, Google’s Pixel Watch lineup is getting some new and improved safety features. The Pixel Watch 2 will get car crash detection, while both Pixel Watches will get improved fall detection.

Car crash detection has been available on Pixel phones since 2019 and will work similarly on the Pixel Watch 2. Once the watch detects you’ve been in a severe car crash, the watch will check in to make sure you’re alright via an on-screen prompt. If you don’t respond, it’ll automatically call emergency services. Your emergency contacts will also be notified with your real-time location.

The Pixel Watch lineup has had fall detection for a while now, but today’s update is geared toward cyclists. Google didn’t get into much detail, but…

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