The Light Phone 3 is a little less light — but a lot more useful

A person holding a Light Phone 3, over grass.
The Light Phone 3 is a little bigger and more phone-looking than the last model. | Photo: Light

Five years after the Light Phone 2 launched, co-founder Kaiwei Tang says it’s selling better than ever. This is both extremely unusual for a phone and kind of the point of the thing: Tang, co-founder Joe Hollier, and their team built a phone that was designed to do very little and last practically forever. Their E Ink device became a hit among people looking for a way to get away from their smartphones for a bit, to “go light,” in the company’s parlance. The Light Phone 2 made calls, sent texts, and not much else. That worked really well for a lot of people, for a long time.

Now, Light is trying to do something a bit different. The company is launching the Light Phone 3, which comes with a new display, a camera, and a few other features…

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