Bungie teases Destiny 2 codenamed ‘Frontiers’ for 2025

Frontiers illustration
Image: Bungie

Bungie just concluded the long-running saga of the light and darkness in Destiny 2: The Final Shape earlier this month, and now the Halo and Destiny developer is teasing what’s next. In a “journey ahead” stream today, Bungie disclosed the first details on its plans for the rest of the year ahead with Destiny 2 and even teased a 2025 release for new content that’s codenamed “Frontiers.”

Until Frontiers arrives next year, Destiny 2 will continue with new episodes of story content that explore what’s happened after the conclusion of The Final Shape. Destiny 2 players have just battled The Witness in the latest expansion, the main antagonist of Destiny’s light and darkness saga, which has created what Bungie is calling echoes throughout the…

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