Snowflake says there’s no evidence attackers breached its platform to hack Ticketmaster

Illustration of a phone with yellow caution tape running over it.
Illustration by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

A Ticketmaster data breach that allegedly includes details for 560 million accounts and another one affecting Santander have been linked to their accounts at Snowflake, a cloud storage provider. However, Snowflake says there’s no evidence its platform is at fault.

A joint statement to that effect made last night with CrowdStrike and Mandiant, two third-party security companies investigating the incident, lends additional credibility to the claim. Also, an earlier third-party report saying bad actors generated session tokens and may have compromised “hundreds” of Snowflake accounts has now been removed. Hudson Rock, the security firm behind that report, posted a statement of its own today on LinkedIn: “In accordance to a letter we…

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