Meta is fixing three of the Quest 3’s biggest lingering annoyances

A photo of the Quest 3, its controllers, and the charging dock.
Photo: David Pierce

The single biggest reason to buy a Meta Quest 3 over its predecessors is how it lets you bring the real world into view — but the VR headset’s still weird about your real-life hands, distorting the world around them. I always mess up the all-important “look at your palm and pinch your fingers to access the menu” gesture, too.

Now, Meta is fixing both of those issues. For starters, the new v66 update lets you tap a new button on your wrist to summon the menu!

Image: Meta

“Wrist buttons” were already pioneered by a variety of VR games; now, you can use them for menus.

Sure looks like the distortion is vastly reduced, too:

Plus, Meta says it now has proper background audio for multitasking. “Now you can launch…

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