Spotify is increasing US prices again

The Spotify logo on a green backdrop surrounded by pink and white graphics.
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

A year after Spotify first increased the price of Spotify Premium in the US, it’s happening again. Next month subscribers to Spotify in the US will start receiving an email detailing the price increases to Premium, Duo, and Family plans. Spotify Premium will now cost $11.99 a month, up from the $10.99 increase announced last year.

If you’re a subscriber to Spotify Duo then it’s jumping $2 a month, from $14.99 to $16.99 a month. Family will also increase from $16.99 a month to $19.99 a month. That means the price of a Spotify Duo subscription has jumped by 30 percent in a year, compared to prices before last year’s hike. Spotify Family has also increased by 25 percent over the course of a year, with Spotify Premium up by 20 percent.


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