Logitech’s new G Pro X 2 gaming headset has graphene audio drivers

A photo of Logitech’s latest G Pro X 2 headset on a table
Logitech’s G Pro X 2 headset has an updated design. | Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Logitech is announcing a new G Pro X 2 Lightspeed gaming headset today that features graphene audio drivers. You’ve probably heard of graphene, the miracle form of carbon that has been promised by many over the past 20 years to change the world of technology. While we haven’t seen graphene used to create space elevators or make the internet run faster just yet, Logitech is using it to create headphone drivers that are lightweight.

“With our use of graphene, we can create a driver that is both incredibly rigid and, at the same time, almost impossibly lightweight,” says Chris Pate, principal product manager for the Logitech G Pro series of products. “This delivers high fidelity sound with extremely low distortion, giving pros the…

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