A Google DeepMind AI language model is now making descriptions for YouTube Shorts

YouTube logo image in red over a geometric red, black, and cream background
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google just combined DeepMind and Google Brain into one big AI team, and on Wednesday, the new Google DeepMind shared details on how one of its visual language models (VLM) is being used to generate descriptions for YouTube Shorts, which can help with discoverability.

“Shorts are created in just a few minutes and often don’t include descriptions and helpful titles, which makes them harder to find through search,” DeepMind wrote in the post. Flamingo can make those descriptions by analyzing the initial frames of a video to explain what’s going on. (DeepMind gives the example of “a dog balancing a stack of crackers on its head.”) The text descriptions will be stored as metadata to “better categorize videos and match search results to…

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