Left Behind is the perfect place to start playing after The Last of Us on HBO

Ellie in The Last of Us: Left Behind.
Image: SIE

Well, after nine weeks of enduring and surviving, the first season of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us is finally over. If this was your first exposure to the cordyceps apocalypse, you might be thinking now is the time to get into the games: but where to start? The obvious answer is with the original The Last of Us, which just got a nice, shiny remake for the PS5 (and soon PC). But the ideal starting point is actually something smaller and more intimate: a standalone expansion called Left Behind.

The following includes spoilers for The Last of Us: the game, the show, the sequel — all of it.

Developer Naughty Dog actually recommends you don’t play Left Behind until after completing the base game, but that changes if you’ve watched the…

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